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August 14, 2019

10 Signs Of Small Business Burnout

Are you a worn out business owner tired of running your business and the pressure of being a business owner as well as the problems of being overworked?

Small Business Owner Burnout is a real thing and in order to avoid Small Business Burnout and stop being that exhausted business owner that you simply hate being, it’s really important to be able to recognise the signs of business burnout.


Suffering from Small Business Burnout?

Have you been feeling like you just desperately need a break? that you might be just a little bit too over-committed to work?

This blog goes over 10 signs of Small Business Burnout so that by the end you’re going to be able to recognise if you’re headed towards business burnout so you can know when to put the brakes on and take a step back.

The Pressure Of Being A Business Owner

Running your own business can be exhausting, right?

We’re expected to wear so many different hats and our livelihood literally depends on how our business is doing. It can be super stressful and a lot of work, but business owners normally just take it on the Chin and we just keep moving forward because we have no other choice,

But as a business owner, I’m sure you’re also aware of the problems of being overworked and the damaging effects that come with putting yourself under chronic stress and how it can affect your business, your staff and yourself, and why it’s so important to avoid it.

So this article is designed to help you recognise those 10 signs you are headed towards ‘Small Business Owner Burnout’ so when it starts happening, you can put actions in place to avoid it.


So let’s dive in.

1. The Exhausted Business Owner  Exhausted business owners are tired of running your business

I’m sure you’ve probably felt it before.

It’s that sense of just simply not having the energy to do anything. You’re completely spent emotionally, mentally, and physically.

2. The Small Business Owner Who Lacks Motivation  Small business burnout is causing people to become unmotivated

Did you get into your business with all of this motivation to get bigger and better and put new things in place, but now you just simply don’t have that self motivation for your work like you’re used to?

You feel like you’ve lost your passion for your business.

There’s a good chance that what you’re experiencing is a tell-tale sign of burnout.

3. The Frustrated, Cynical, and Moody One Under The Pressure Of Being A Business Owner Exhausted business owners can feel moody and cynical

Generally, if you’re burnt out, you’ll find yourself just being more frustrated, cynical, grouchy, and just overall more negative.

Obviously this can have some big impacts on your personal and professional relationships which can then add more stress to the situation and put you at an even worse place.

4. The Worn-Out Business Owner With Cognitive problems  One of the problems of being overworked is cognitive problems

Chronic stress both physically, mentally can have an impact on how well your brain is functioning.

Are you’re finding yourself for getting a lot more that you can’t concentrate on what you need to.

Our brains are wired to be able to cope with stress and negative situations, but only for short spurts of time.

It goes back to caveman times as if we were like faced with a Predator or something and our brain is attuned to be able to deal with it but then recover back to that resting state. But we’re not accustomed to dealing with stress for a long period of time and as a result, our brain essentially runs out of stamina and it just doesn’t function to its full capability anymore.

5. The Business Owner with the Slipping Job Performance  Feeling the pressure of being a business owner with slipping job performance

Now as business owners, it is always in the back of our minds how well are businesses performing, but because of that cognitive problems that I mentioned a second ago that comes with that chronic stress, your ability to perform your job slips and it can directly impact your income potential.

And if that starts slipping too, then it’s gonna add more stress to the pile and you know you’re going to start falling further and further into a worsened burnout.

6. The Business Owner with Interpersonal Problems at Home and at Work  Business burnout can cause interpersonal problems

Now this relates to the point I mentioned earlier about having a more negative and frustrated mindset and how that can impact your ability to communicate and have relationships with other people in your life.

Whether it’s sparking up in arguments, withdrawing yourself from co-workers and family members, or just tuning out and just not engaging with them.

And sadly, this is not uncommon. Think back to a time in your life when you are worn down from work and ask yourself how well maintained your relationship was with your partner during that tense time. Point number seven is not taking care of yourself.

7. The Worn Out Business Owner Who Doesn’t Look After Themselves  Relationship issues can be caused by the pressure of being a business owner

Are you guilty of prioritising your work over your own well-being?

Leave me a comment below and let me know. I’m definitely guilty of this at times.

People experiencing burnout generally fall back into this unhealthy lifestyle – one without exercising, drinking too much smoking, eating too much junk food, not drinking enough water.

You’re utterly exhausted all the time, so being able to put in the effort, even just to look after yourself, your own well-being, it can feel like a real struggle sometimes.

8. Being preoccupied with work even when you’re not there  Small Business Burnout can cause distraction when not at work

Do you find yourself constantly thinking or worrying about work even when you’re just, when you’re not physically there Yeah, I’m totally guilty of this one too.

Some days it takes every bone in your body to actually be present in the moment despite knowing that you need to focus on yourself, your family, your friends, rather than getting pulled straight back into work all the time.

It’s serves no purpose to constantly be thinking about work unless you’re doing something productive and intentional. It can be a really tough habit to kick.

9. The Small Business Owner With Generally Decreased Satisfaction  Small Business Burnout can cause you to feel unmotivated

You might also be feeling less satisfied, less sure about your business and the choices that you’ve made to get you to the point in your life that you’re currently at.

This feeling of dissatisfaction and lack of gratitude can actually extend beyond your business and into your personal life, including your social circle, personal relationships, and so on.

10. The Burned Out Business Owner Showing Health Problems  Exhausted business owners are at risk of serious health issues

Being under stress over a period of time can actually lead to some serious health problems including obesity, digestive problems, cardiac disease.

Did you know that constant stress on your body actually slow down your metabolism and make it harder for you to maintain a healthy weight?

And I’m pretty sure that that was my issue for about 10 years.


Can You Relate To Any Of These Problems Of Being Overworked in Your Business?

Out of those signs of burnout, did you relate to any of them? Let me know below in the comments below.

I reckon I’ve probably experienced every single one of these at some point while being a business owner.

So now that you know the signs that you’re headed towards burnout, what do you know about it?

Well, the good news is that there are a few things that you can do to prevent yourself getting to the point of burnout, and there are ways to overcome it.

The even better news is that I also wrote a blog about just that, You can check it out by clicking HERE  – How To Overcome Burn Out

Thanks so much for reading, and I trust that you’ll now be able to recognise those nasty signs of business burnout.

Looking after yourself is so important in living a life you love… so don’t neglect yourself for your business and use my tips for preventing and overcoming business owner burnout.




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10 signs of burnout

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